Ken Weingart has worked and lived in New York City, Los Angeles, Italy, and Spain.
He has won numerous awards including being selected for the Communication Arts Photo Annual.
2018 CENTER Review Santa Fe Participant
2018 GROUP SHOW LA Art Show  [Los Angeles, USA] Round Hole Square Peg 3
2018 GROUP SHOW "BUNK" juried by Alix Sloan/Sloan Fine Art - Los Angeles Art Association
2017 SOLO SHOW "MOTEL STORIES" - Los Angeles Art Association
2016 GROUP SHOW "THE FOOLISH GAME" juried by Kurt Mueller/ David Kordansky Gallery-Los Angeles Art Association
2014 SOLO SHOW "MOTION" - Hatakeyama Gallery - LA Art Walk
Ken Weingart has been photographing portraits professionally for many years, and became interested in the world of alternative art and fine art photography about six years ago. The artist recently started a fine art photography blog and has interviewed notable fine art photographers such as: Roger Ballen, Gregory Crewdson, Thomas Demand, Tina Barney, and Alejandro Cartagena.  Ken has worked and lived in New York City, Los Angeles, Italy, and Spain.
Weingart has exhibited in several solo and group shows with the Los Angeles Art Association. The first solo show with the LAAA, Motel Stories, took place in October of 2017. This work reflects contemporary society’s insatiable appetite for voyeuristic entertainment and diversion. The images for this show transports one to places that the ordinary viewer claims that they do not want to go, but in fact, do want to. Motel doors are a metaphor for society’s morbid curiosity and empty obsessions. For this series, Ken decided to shoot with more than just a digital SLR, and used two 4x5 Sinar film bodies and lenses. These cameras capture the special mystique of classic film quality.
 Artist statement
The fine art photography that I am currently creating is focused on satire, psychological expression and situations that people find themselves. In my most recent series: Motel Stories, Kids and Their Toys, and The Fuck Series, I focus on the idea of irony and absurdity in life and the art world. My main interest is shooting people and connecting them to life stories through journalistic style fine art photography.  I want to continue creating people oriented stories — both the non-fiction genre with political and social purpose — as well as staged i.e. “controlled” storytelling. I hope to branch out further in art with a storytelling process and new genres utilizing mixed media, collage, and video art — blending them all together with photography.
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